Study Abroad in the Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country to both tour and study in. The Republic of the Philippines is situated in Southeast Asia, near the Pacific Ocean. These mountainous islands are tropical in nature with heavy forestation and rainforests. The islands were created from volcanic activity and have many different features and landforms that are unique to the Philippines. The Philippines is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world called Boracay. There are so many things to do and see in the Philippines, that students will never be bored. After spending an engaging day in the classroom, students can enjoy the beautiful beaches with scuba diving, swimming, surfing, and snorkeling. There are many tourist destinations to choose from. Students can tour the different areas of the country and find those out-of-the-way destinations, or stick with the more modern forms of entertainment found in the urban areas where there are plentiful hotels, shopping malls, and other forms of entertainment. The Philippine Culture offers great diversity. The Philippines offer many different lifestyles from the busy urban life, to the islands; there is something for everyone. This Asian culture abounds with tradition and modernism that offers a wide array of study opportunities for students who want to learn about the culture and continue their education in a diversified environment. The Filipino people are very gracious and welcoming to foreign students. It such a joyful area to study in, that many students do not want to leave once their education time is finished. Since the Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world, it makes it a wonderful place for Americans to study abroad in. The rich architecture and ambiance of the country allow students to further their education of world culture while having fun. Why should students study in the Philippines?

On average, there are 5,000 students that study abroad in the Philippines each year. There are many reasons, but the top five reasons include:

  • American system of education
  • Affordability in tuition fees and degrees
  • Open learning environments that stimulate learning
  • Advanced information technology
  • Studying abroad in the Philippines is a great value

The Philippines offers a very good value for the money that is paid. Tuition in the Philippines is much less expensive that some of the neighboring Asian countries. The average tuition cost ranges from $500 to $1,300 per semester. Government funded schools offer even less tuition costs. Not only is the cost of school so much less, but the cost of living is affordable as well. There are many options for students to reside in. From dorm rooms to rental homes and apartments, there are options for every budget. Most students can live a modest lifestyle in the Philippines for around $350 to $500 a month. With the costs being so low, this makes studying abroad in the Philippines even more valuable for students. Students will enjoy studying in the Philippines. The Philippines has one of the very best education systems in Asia. The all-English education experience allows students to learn about this great country and experience it’s wealth of culture and history. This country is a true gem for students to enjoy studying in. The Philippines offers a culture with blends of Asian, Malay, Spanish, and American. Students will have the opportunity to visit museums and learn about the past and present historical events in the Philippines. The weather in the Philippines is about the same all year long. This tropical environment gets the hottest from April to May, with the rainy season coming from June to October. Students will enjoy the warm climate, but the rainy season can seem to last for quite some time. Still, there is always opportunity for fun in the sun. If a student is planning to study abroad in the Philippines, it is important to immerse themselves in all that they can to learn about the culture, community, and history of the Philippines. Most students who study in this great country enjoy it and want to go back.

There are several steps in preparing to study in another country. Once a student is accepted into a study abroad program, they must complete several steps before they are allowed to leave the country. The beginning step is that the student gets their passport. Many study abroad programs require the student to go through an orientation that teaches them about the customs, money, and basic laws of the area that the student will be studying in. This helps the student avoid the culture shock that can often happen when one is in another country. A student must also go through a health screening to be sure that they are in good health to travel and live abroad. A screening helps to rule out problems and prepares the program director for any health issues that the student may have. Any needed vaccines and immunizations will be given at this time as well. The final step that many study abroad programs require is that the student purchase health insurance. This will protect the student while they live and study in the Philippines from illness and accident costs and provide for their care should they need medical attention.