Study Abroad in Korea

For many students, going to college is a very dull experience – you go to class, listen to a lecture, study, do homework, and take tests. Going to college should be the experience of a lifetime, and one way to make sure that you never forget your college days is to study abroad. Studying abroad can be a life changing experience, and yet very few college students opt to do so – and they’re missing out! Studying abroad is a highly enriching experience that immerses you in a foreign culture, so take a look and see what countries are available for studying abroad.

Why Should You Study in South Korea?

There are many options to choose from when considering studying in Asia, but perhaps one of the most immersive and incredible studying experiences can be found in South Korea. South Korea is a beautiful land rich in both culture and hospitality, and few places in the eastern world can compare to South Korea’s progressive attitude. While Korea does emphasize the importance of science and modernization, the country also has a strong spiritual side, with many Buddhist temples and monuments to visit. This unique dichotomy makes South Korea one of the most diverse locations to visit, and it’s definitely not something to pass up.

Things To Study

Because of Korea’s focus on the advancement of science and technology, Korea offers engineering and technology to potential study-abroad students. Much of South Korea’s economy is based on the technology industry, so they place an especially high value on the advancement of all forms of technology.

South Korea also provides for students who are interested in studying Asian history, language and literature. Courses are also available to teach students the Korean language, and still there are many other courses covering everything ranging from South Korean history to South Korean cuisine. While South Korea as a nation may be barely 60 years old, the area has a history of over four thousand years, much of which still remains and is available for the general public to see. History students will be thrilled to see some of the incredible ancient sites and artifacts of South Korea.

As a modern nation, South Korea also places a heavy emphasis on accounting and economics. For those who are particularly math savvy, South Korea offers a number of courses to hone would-be finance majors.

Things To See In Korea

Korea is a very progressive Asian nation, and many place it as one of the top booming economies in the world. In particular, the capital of South Korea, Seoul, is an economic powerhouse that also is the home to some incredible historical sites. Not surprisingly, most study-abroad programs will land students in Seoul due to its diversity in both course availability and culture. Seoul houses a number of fantastic museums and monuments that testify to South Korea’s dedication to modern and advanced thought. Korea has some structures dating back to the 14th century, so if history is an object of interest, you’ll be very entertained.

If you’re the type who often gets homesick, Korea may be one of the best Asian nations to travel to. Seoul also has an American military base and is a very popular travel destination, so it is far from uncommon to see fellow westerners on vacation. Interestingly enough, Seoul is also home to a number of diverse cultures, which definitely goes against the normal opinion that Asiatic nations are isolated from the west. To make things even easier, the vast majority of Koreans speak English, making social interaction with the people native to the country a very simple process. Seoul is a great place to travel while still feeling right at home.

There are many impressive historical sites to see in Korea as well. For instance, the Namdaemun gate is one of the last remaining portions of the original wall surrounding the city, and it is truly a testament to the age and splendor of this great nation. If architecture and modern construction is more your thing, then the Namsan Tower is an absolute must. This mighty tower is the largest building in all of Asia and provides an incredible view of Seoul. Many students will probably find the incredible technological emphasis of the city an interesting sight in itself. The streets of Seoul are often lined with vendors selling the newest mobile technology, fashion trends and more. Shopping in Seoul can be quite an experience because of its modern attitude and culture.

Making The Decision To Travel To South Korea

Studying abroad can be an incredible experience, and if you’re having trouble deciding where you want to travel, consider South Korea. Korea is well-known for being one of the most hospitable places on earth, and this in combination with its rich history and modern culture is more than enough reason to pay this country a visit. Spend a semester in the incredible city of Seoul and study courses ranging from engineering to Asian literature – you won’t regret the incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience that Korea can offer. Contact your office of distance learning today to see what travel plans they can offer you with regards to studying abroad in South Korea.